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Mariko Yamada
Kawaguchi City


Introduction about Myself:

I am a Tokyoite. I love dogs of all kinds and my specialty is that I can eat sweets before and after meals. Listening to classic music, playing the piano, drawing and appreciating arts including architecture and interior design, are my favorite pastimes.

I have been working as a secretary and an assistant for American and European companies in Tokyo for more than 20 years. Whew! So long! Lately, I have started to learn how to become a private banker.

I have kept this Tripod homepage since October 1995, and I am so proud!

My friend and I visited Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera in NYC in 1998, so next time, I have to visit Tanglewood for concerts which has been my long cherished desire. Send me any good information, or tickets. I will fly!

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Newsletter    from    Tokyo    -    Series    7-51    /updated    May    12,    2001


Paris in April 2001 was rainy, and major museums had staff strikes. In spite of all these difficulties, the city was still so exciting and enjoyable.

Among other things, I recommend visits to Opera Garnier, Sainte Chapell, and the Cemetary Pele Lachaise. Shopping; I recommend Bernardaud but do not recommend any shops of Louis Vuitton. Hotel Intercontinental facing Jardin des Tuileries was immaculate and worth the fare.

The photo is with Chopin's tomb stone. Believe it or not, if you are a Chopin player, your performance will definitely be different after such a visit of respect!